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Custom Skid-Mounted Pumping Systems
[Pump Skids, Pumping Skid Systems]

Corrosion Fluid Products and PureServe Systems, our sanitary division, will build the skid-mounted process pumping system you need. Large or small, your design or ours, our pump skids will save you time and money. You will save on insurance costs and reduce down time, disruptions in production and clean-up.

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Experienced Process Pump Skid Fabricators
We have specialized in the fabrication of custom process pumping skids, or skid-mounted pumping units, for over 40 years. With units installed throughout the Midwest, we pride ourselves in providing solutions to your toughest pumping skid requirements.

Pump Skid System Testing
Testing of pump skid systems is done off site away from your plant, so when you are ready to connect your pump skid to your process, it's "plug and run". We have the facilities to handle jobs with capabilities that are hard to find. Think Modular!

High Quality Components
At Corrosion Fluid Products, we represent the world's top manufacturers of process pumps, valves & automation, fiberglass (FRP) & lined steel piping, hoses, expansion joints and more! You can be assurred that your pumping skids will feature high quality components that meet your specifications!

Equipment Repairs & Service
We also service the equipment we provide with our Pump Repair division, CF PUMPSERVE. Count on CF PUMPSERVE to keep your pumps, valves, and other process equipment running like new.



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